📚XP & Leaderboards

XP earning & Leaderboards are not yet deployed. It will launch in the coming months, as detailed in Roadmap.

This part is currently in development and subject to potential changes.

XP can be earned by playing our games, unlocking achievements, chatting with other players and simply connecting your wallet to BonesBet.

Ways to earn XP

  • Daily quests

  • Gambling

  • Spinning the wheel

  • Minting, crafting, sacrificing Souls

Connecting multiple days in a row will give you a boosted XP multiplier:

  • 1 day - x1.1

  • 2 days - x1.2

  • 3 days - x1.3

  • ... 10 days - x2

How is calculated my Total Score?

Minting multiple Souls will boost your XP level and gives your total score. Depending on the rarity of your Soul, you'll get different XP boosts. Players will have to collect the best Souls to form the best team possible.

Based on their Total Score in Leaderboards, players will earn additional rewards in AVAX or in ANIMA.

ANIMA is an in-game currency exclusively usable in BonesBet to purchase cosmetics and new NFTs. You can earn ANIMA by sacrificing Souls.

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