🍀Welcome to BonesBet

Socialize, Bet & Win!

Online casinos have many drawbacks: personal ID disclosure, deposit waiting time, no real asset ownership... and you are not 100% sure that the results are fully random. In addition, these casinos are sorely lacking in a community, social and entertainment aspect. More than just a place to gamble, a place to meet.

For all these reasons, we decided to launch BonesBet.

BonesBet is the first fully decentralized crypto casino 🍀 The perfect fusion between Gaming & Gambling: players can chat and bet together in real-time, while earning XP and climbing the ranks. BonesBet focuses on community engagement and plans to expand its offering with more games and blockchain integration, creating a fun and interactive ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts.

What you can do now:

  • Play on our decentralised roulette, in realtime and fully transparent. Bet directly in AVAX with your crypto wallet, each bet being recorded as a unique transaction. Randomness is powered by Chainlink VRF, the best provably fair and verifiable RNG in web3. Every player see the same results, and are betting on the same rounds.

  • Join an exclusive social world, by chatting with other players and customizing your visual experience. Display your NFTs around our 3D roulette during spins and meet new people!

  • Join our NFT community by acquiring our famous Tiny Bones NFT.

  • Earn XP by playing, to get leaderboard cash prizes and more.

What's coming soon:

  • More decentralised games. We are planning on adding Blackjack, Poker and more in the future.

  • New low-priced NFTs called Souls, used as XP boosters and in-game avatars.

  • An exclusive access to our metaverse for all our NFT holders.

  • A staking feature for Tiny Bones holders, to earn a share of our bankroll revenues.

We are deployed on Avalanche Mainnet, so you need some AVAX in your crypto wallet (Core or Metamask) and you're good to go! Connect and bet directly on www.bonesbet.io.

May the luck be with you 🍀

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