⚙️General F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's BonesBet?

BonesBet is the first fully decentralized crypto casino. The perfect fusion between Gaming & Gambling, offering a social experience, XP earning, leaderboards, cash prizes and special NFTs in a vibrant 3D world.

What do I need to play?

Since our casino is fully decentralized, you’ll just need to get a crypto wallet such as Metamask or Core Wallet, with AVAX in it.

What games can I play here?

We have developed the first real time roulette in the ecosystem. More games are planned in the near future, such as blackjack, slots, coin flip, dices, rock/paper/scissors, lottery & poker.

Do you plan to support any other blockchains?

Yes, our technology is compatible with any EVM blockchain. That means we could deploy BonesBet to other blockchains in the future. Nevertheless, our project was born on Avalanche and we want to stay deep-rooted within the red coin community.

How does your Roulette work?

Players have a certain amount of time to place their bets. Each bet is a unique blockchain transaction. Once the round is full, any player can spin the roulette by clicking on the ‘SPIN’ button and validating the transaction for all the other players.

To guarantee a transparent and pure randomness, our contract directly asks Chainlink VRF to generate a random number. This number leads to the round result: black, red or green.

Your AVAX stays in the treasury contract if you lose, and your winnings come back directly in your wallet if you win, by clicking on the 'WITHDRAW' button.

How is randomness handled?

Our use of Chainlink allows us to utilize the most trustworthy Oracle in the market. Oracles are smart contracts that enable us to automatically integrate external data into the blockchain. In the case of gaming platforms, Oracles are crucial for generating on-chain random numbers, as blockchain-based systems are inherently predictable. To achieve this, we rely on Chainlink's VRF technology.

How can I support BonesBet?

Play our games, interact with our protocol, mint/trade our NFTs, follow us on socials and talk to your web3 friends about us! 🫶

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